Media & Entertainment Technology Focus

The Media and Entertainment industry is our playground and expertise. We provide consulting and technology services tailored to companies who are in this exciting space.

We approach the problems your firm is experiencing by looking at the foundation and stepping up from there. Through our Consulting, Implementation, Custom Solutions and Maintenance services our clients experience a professional, strategic and hands-on approach that provides the optimal solution to their needs.


Media business experts that come from your world, speak your language and can help you do your job more efficiently.

Evoque provides a full spectrum of consulting services that aid in integrating a more technologically and operationally efficient Enterprise. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your operations, identify inefficiencies and develop a plan to improve your system processes and organization.

Example of our Consulting Services:
With the recent acquisition of a global digital distribution company, a large independent film and television distributor ended up with redundant processes and systems that needed to be integrated.  The client asked us to conduct an assessment project as part of which our team reviewed the company’s different systems and met with various business groups to identify pain points and needs.  Based on those inputs, our team formulated a future state system landscape and a list of recommended initiatives aimed at increasing efficiency, accuracy, and availability of crucial business information across the company.


Our skilled technology team members implement package solutions to enable you to better operate and grow your business.

We roll out technology solutions and integrate systems at the Enterprise level. We facilitate the process of moving from old to new systems and integrate solutions that interface with other platforms.

Example of our Implementation Services:
Our team rolled out a package SaaS solution for a film and television production and distribution company to manage their content data across the Enterprise and support the Business Affairs process. We gathered and documented requirements around the relevant processes and then configured the system or built system add-ons as required. We conducted data migrations out of legacy systems into the new package as well as built integrations between the package and the company’s other systems. Finally, our team handled all training and go-live activities to smoothly bring the various departments into the new technology and processes.      


We develop systems that are specifically designed for our clients to keep up with the speed of technological change in the industry.

The Media and Entertainment industry is transforming rapidly; we are able to create solutions that enable our clients to adapt to the growing complexity. Our solutions are personalized to your environment and your specific needs.

Example of our Custom Solution Services:
For a governmental film funding agency, our team built a single funding management system that easily captured the production and investment data from existing legacy systems and integrated them into a convenient, easy-to-use browser-based system that could be accessed by employees from any location. After a thorough assessment, we developed two platforms: a Funding Management System and a Recoupment Management System, which offed personalized functionality and consistent data capture across every stage of production and recoupment, and are now used by the client to track all the projects within its funding portfolio. We later built a web portal for applicants/producers to fill out the application, submit required materials, and track status online.


Beyond the implementation stage, you can trust your systems to the Evoque maintenance team.

Post initial implementation, we assist our clients in providing ongoing support and maintenance that ensures reliability and trust in their systems. We manage training, ticket resolution, break-fix requests, and even business analysis and development for enhancements or new features.

Example of our Maintenance Services:
Our team currently maintains three different applications for a film funding government agency in Australia. We provide all levels of support to users including training, ticket handling and resolution. We also provide development services to create enhancements to the applications requested by the client.